Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pres. Arsenio Pagaduan's Reply

Sister Analee,

Your suggestions are wonderful and very appropriate for mothers with kids. As I understand from Bro Segre, this December activity is basically a reunion “Kick off” and planning for the grand reunion. Those expected to attend are practically those who are available to travel or come to the Philippines this early. The grand reunion will still be in 2010 or 2011. This will allow those who are traveling from abroad to come to the Philippines for this purpose.

Please send also your suggestions to Jigs. We are excited to know that you are planning to join us this December. Regards to your family.

Ayo ayo.

Bro & Sis Pagaduan

A Voice from Moms with Kids

Dear President,

I've been chatting with some rm's discussing things to consider for the reunion activities. We are very happy to have that progamme done and wondering if it's a final activities or not.

Here is the copy for your ready reference:

DAY 1 (Friday, 18 Dec 2009)
12NN Registration (pack lunch per individual/family) Temple Visitors Center
2:00PM Orientation, Socialization, etc. Back of the Visitors Center
3:00PM Devotional with Pres. A. Pagaduan Back of the Visitors Center
4:00PM Testimony Meeting
4:30PM Temple Session Temple
6:30PM Departure to Kamay Kainan Buffet, Trinoma Mall Trinoma Mall
7:00PM DINNER/Meeting Kamay Kainan, Trinoma Mall(Eat all you can Php 250.00/head)
8:30PM Back to Patron House/Hotels (REST) Patron House, Hotels, Homes

DAY 2 (Saturday, 19 Dec 2009 Caylabne Beach Resort)
4:00AM Departure from House Parking Lot
7:00AM Arrival
8:00AM Breakfast
9:00AM Swimming
10:30AM Group Games
12NN Lunch
1:30PM Swimming
3:00PM Snacks
4:00PM Departure to Manila Cavite to Manila

The first day of activities which we'll be having a packed lunch, registration, and fellowshipping would be great, but if we can let them eat whenever they want before going to the temple, so they don't have to bother bringing bags and boxes of food but instead they can bring finger foods, like chips and dips, fruit bowls etc. to munch in while visiting. This will be a more convenient way for mothers who have 2 or more kids. Of course they can pack snacks for their kids as they want.

The 2nd day, which says departure to Caylabne resort at 4am would be a little too early. That means couples who have kids needs to wake up earlier to pack up, take care of their kids and of themselves as well. I want to suggest that 6am would be a very considerable time for departure. That means we will arrive at 9am and instead of having a full breakfast, we can have a brunch at 10am and a table for snacks, fruits and water/juice will be set for the rest of the day. I don't know if this is a good idea? But I thought we can spend the whole morning by visiting, looking around the place and swimming. The whole afternoon will be for group games/family games.

I understand that one of the objectives here is to enjoy the fellowshipping and activities with our family and not to exhaust them just to meet what we want for them. Whatever decision you will made up with for the activity will be final.

Ayo ayo po.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brother Carl Trono

... i tried to compute our possible expenses for this pre-reunion based on the information, i got... man-cav-manila 200+ dinner day1 250+ day1 snacks 200+ resort 500+ dagupan-man-dagupan 660 = Php 1810 x 2(with my wife ann) = Php 3620/ 11 months = 330/ 4 weeks in a month = Php 82.5 in a week... therefore, me and my wife should save at least Php 82.5 per week to join the this pre-renion... and then the rest we'll just prepare for pocket money... well, good enough!... COUNT ME IN!

-home networking specialist
BCEZ Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600
contact# 0915.793.3206
email address: carlthrone@yahoo.com/

Monday, February 2, 2009

PRELUDE Reunion Dec 2009

Dear All:

In relation to the Grand Reunion (the place & dateare still to be set), this is to announce that a PRELUDE Reunion will be organized in Manila Temple , the details are as follows:

Date: December 18 & 19, 2009 (Friday & Saturday)

Time: 12NN (see program of activities below)

Place: Manila Philippines Temple (Day 1)

Caylabne Beach Resort, Ternate Cavite (Day 2)

This reunion will serve as a kick-off meeting for planning and finalization of the Grand Reunion which I believed has to take place sometime 2010 or 2011 to give way to those who need to save for the costs that will be incurred for the planned Grand Reunion.

However, several RMs have already signified their travel plan to be here in the Philippines by December 2009 so I thought I would personally initiate a Reunion that would also pave way for finalizing all the necessary details for the planned Grand Reunion while those who are residing within the Philippines may not find it hard to attend this kick-off meeting/reuninon.

The program of activities will be as follows (to be finalized):

Time Activity Place

DAY 1 (Friday, 18 Dec 2009)

12NN Registration (pack lunch per individual/family) Temple Visitors Center

2:00PM Orientation, Socialization, etc. Back of the Visitors Center

3:00PM Devotional with Pres. A. Pagaduan Back of the Visitors Center

4:00PM Testimony Meeting

4:30PM Temple Session Temple

6:30PM Departure to Kamay Kainan Buffet, Trinoma Mall Trinoma Mall

7:00PM DINNER/Meeting Kamay Kainan, Trinoma Mall(Eat all you can Php 250.00/head)

8:30PM Back to Patron House/Hotels (REST) Patron House, Hotels, Homes

DAY 2 (Saturday, 19 Dec 2009)

4:00AM Departure to Caylabne, Ternate, Cavite Patron House Parking Lot

7:00AM Arrival Caylabne Beach Resort

8:00AM Breakfast Caylabne Beach Resort

9:00AM Swimming Caylabne Beach Resort

10:30AM Group Games Caylabne Beach Resort

12NN Lunch Caylabne Beach Resort

1:30PM Swimming Caylabne Beach Resort

3:00PM Snacks Caylabne Beach Resort

4:00PM Departure to Manila Cavite to Manila


200/head, Manila-Cavite-Manila (depending on the number of attendees - may increase) Van will be rented

Food: 200/head (snack for day 1 and Day 2 - Breakfast, Lunch, PM Snacks, children below 5 yrs old need not pay)
Dinner (Day 1): 250/head (Eat all you can!)

Resort: 500/adult, 300/child (Caylabne Beach Resort is a World & 1st Class Beach Resort with pools, games, courts and other interesting facilities for the group.)

Accommodation: To be arranged individually. Use of Patron House is highly encouraged or hotels close to Manila Temple would be more convenient.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details. You still have 11 months to prepare for the event and I’d be sending you posters for you to print and post in your respective Stake Centers, chapels and Institute of Religions.

PS. Please bring scanned pictures of your Mission Days

To those who will attend this kick-off reunion, please email me back with the following info:

Name of Adult Attendee/s:(1)
No. of Children who will attend:(2)
Intended place to stay:
Email Add:
Contact No.:

Thank you very much.

Jigs Segre

Globe: 0915 393 4770
Smart: 0928 6767 337
US No.: 510 397 3329

Quick notes

Brothers & Sisters,
its so exciting to have a reunion but it takes a lot of sacrifice to make it into a reality. i just would like to contribute my stand for this said reunion. me & my family were so happy if we can also join. and that can happen if we will have it in Manila anytime this year.
about Cebu, it's also a wonderful experience if we can have another reunion there in 2011 so we can also see President Monson in person. it's my prayer to meet the living prophet. i hope we can save some money to attend the temple dedication there someday. if the majority of us would like to have our reunion in Cebu, we will try our best to save to join the said reunion. for now, Manila na lang muna. PDM RMs reunion part 2 na lang po sa Cebu. hehe suggestion lang po yun. but it would be great if you can consider it.

group hug!!
Mich Arce-Vinarao


Comp, these are the dates.

Sustain ko ani, ubing. I will send my contact details/information on a separate email.


Lyn Martinez - Divinagracia

Brother Yvann TEMAIANA

Dear All,
Long time since my last message, basta ang importante diha mao sa pagkadako ang listahan nato... daghan mga tao karon lagi.
Sister Analee, thanks for your job regarding websites. THEY ARE GREAT!!

Dear All,
Please, kindly pay attention of this message if the place remain a problem.
Now, I think we better choose a place according to number of voluntary people who wants and can supervise, guide people, and manage activities in one place.

What I mean, is that we should keep in mind that our reunion must
1. be spiritual.
2. a time to meet again
3. If it should be spiritual, there must be a temple to stand with in a picture (remember, missionary work is the means to have temple, and temple is one of the achievement of missionary work), thats why we've worked for two fulltime years.
4. the chosen place NEED, as I have said before, voluntary people who wants and can supervise, guide, and manage activities in one place. For example, if Lyn is the only one to supervise in Cebu, this will surely be impossible for her to stand for everyone's needs.

So, for myself, Cebu or Manila are the best places, because of TEMPLES!

Now, if I were you (like Pres. PAGADUAN said for those who remember LOL), yeah if I were you brothers and sisters, Manila can be the place because most of you have made your covenants out there in Manila Temple and also, cost will be cheaper for those who will come from outside the Philippines.

Cebu is an opportunity if temple and patron house are fixed up and ready for our reunion. Also most of us, speak better cebuano than tagalog, minsan ingles doon sa Manila. After all, Cebu has also a lot of RMs, Lyn has already express her readiness, Temple and Patron House should be ready before the reunion, and will be a new experience for ALL of us. This is an exiting one.

Please determine how many people will attended reunion where and when ever it would take place.
Know how many people can help in Manila and Cebu about supervising, activity management...etc (remember, Lyn has already sent an overview of at least, 4 days planning, so those in Manila need to present something spiritual and attractive)

These are suggestions, and for me this can't happen without a temple to attend session with my Brothers and Sisters and family. Another point, which place between Cebu and Manila is concentrated of 2000-2002 PDM RM's ?

Now, the date, if the peak of airfare is from Dec to Jan, well we better choose JUNE 2011.
It gives us enought time from now to save some money. But, if this is not a problem and keep for the end of Dec 2010 as previously discussed, it can be too.

Please, kindly find attached a reunion board that can help enumerating names, places, etc.

awaiting your loving reply
I love you all,

Your Brother in Christ