Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3-day Programme

DAY 1 THURSDAY (nearby chapel)
10AM Arrival/Registration
Giving away t-shirts (should wear on the second day)
12:00NN (pack lunch per individual/family)
2:00PM Orientation
3:00PM Socialization/Parlor Games
6:30PM Departure to restaurant (needs reservation)
7:00PM DINNER/Meeting l(Eat all you can Php?.00/head)
8:30PM Back to Patron House/Hotels (REST) Patron House, Hotels, Homes

DAY 2 FRIDAY (needs to rent vehicles for transportation)
8:00AM Breakfast
8:30AM to meeting place(patron house parking lot)
9:00AM Touring/Shopping around the city
12NN Lunch
1:30PM Resume touring
4:00PM Back to Patron House/Hotels
6:00PM dinner/meeting
8:00PM Ballroom
10:30PM retire

Attend earliest morning session
10:00AM Brunch
11:00AM Devotional with Pres. Mascardo,Pres. Pagaduan and Pres. Valdez
Giving away souvenir item/Pictorials
2:00PM Pack-up/Departure

Sunday, August 8, 2010

RMs reunion at Cebu Temple, Cebu City!!!!

Here we are again. ^_^ We wish that this time we can actually make it and be more successful with the preparation. Our apologies for the failure of the past plans and for those whom we have failed their expectations. This time we need everybody to work with us as we gather ideas and suggestions that you think might be of great help for the preparation.

As decided, we are planning to have a reunion to be held at Philippine Cebu Temple. We will try to carefully plan all of the activities and consider to limit the expenses as we don't want this to be the burden for all attendees with their family. Those who live within Cebu City, please let us know all the feed backs about the places where we can possibly gather and have fun without joepardizing everybody's health and safety but at a minimum cost.

Should there be any concerns, please let us know. We can try to make any adjustment if we think it will help you to make it for the reunion. Please consider that we have over a year to prepare. Let's stay positive and try to live within our means to set some aside for the reunion if we are willing to make this a successful one.

We would love everybody to come and enjoy with us.!!!!

God bless us all and give our warm regards and love to your family.... from all of us.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

From Yvann Tamaiana

Hi Analee,

I'm happy to hear from you. It's very good to me that you took sometime to send me this message. Well, I'm very busy at this time and I have lot of travel at the end of the year. I will do my best to attend the kick off meeting, but I'll may be without my family except for the grand reunion. In order for me to attend the kick off meeting, please advise all of our friends to fix a date and place. Is it still Manila in November or December ? Since Rei and Jigs emailed us, I have no additional news ever since.

Sigi Sis, ingat ka diha !
And let me know

Best Regards

PS: this is my direct email home address temaiana@nautile.nc

Monday, July 20, 2009

From Rei Singsam

Kumusta my cherished PDM friends,

Brother Sigre asked me to confirm the numbers of those R.M's who will be definitely attending the

PDM Reunion this December. Please if you are definitely attending, could you all email me back with an answer.

Love and kind regards sa inyong tanan.

Rei Singsam

PDM 2000-2002

Friday, March 20, 2009

A letter from Bro. Temaiana

Hi Analee,

Sorry, I'm so busy...

Plz note my email add


I'm now working on my own as "versatile agent" for small businesses but I plan to make another business...by the way, I'm looking for Website designer/webmaster and hosting, please let me know if one of our fellow rm's is ... (excuse my english, need some practicing)

Do you have any news from "Elders" Abasolo, Julius Costales, Cuanso, Quintos, Taivai, Baldo ?

PLz let me know about what will occur for the pre reunion by the end of the yrs, I may attend it.

Many thx Analee for all that u do, ur making one of my dream come true by keeping us all in touch.

Much love from Yvann & Family

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pres. Arsenio Pagaduan's Reply

Sister Analee,

Your suggestions are wonderful and very appropriate for mothers with kids. As I understand from Bro Segre, this December activity is basically a reunion “Kick off” and planning for the grand reunion. Those expected to attend are practically those who are available to travel or come to the Philippines this early. The grand reunion will still be in 2010 or 2011. This will allow those who are traveling from abroad to come to the Philippines for this purpose.

Please send also your suggestions to Jigs. We are excited to know that you are planning to join us this December. Regards to your family.

Ayo ayo.

Bro & Sis Pagaduan