Friday, March 20, 2009

A letter from Bro. Temaiana

Hi Analee,

Sorry, I'm so busy...

Plz note my email add


I'm now working on my own as "versatile agent" for small businesses but I plan to make another business...by the way, I'm looking for Website designer/webmaster and hosting, please let me know if one of our fellow rm's is ... (excuse my english, need some practicing)

Do you have any news from "Elders" Abasolo, Julius Costales, Cuanso, Quintos, Taivai, Baldo ?

PLz let me know about what will occur for the pre reunion by the end of the yrs, I may attend it.

Many thx Analee for all that u do, ur making one of my dream come true by keeping us all in touch.

Much love from Yvann & Family

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