Sunday, August 8, 2010

RMs reunion at Cebu Temple, Cebu City!!!!

Here we are again. ^_^ We wish that this time we can actually make it and be more successful with the preparation. Our apologies for the failure of the past plans and for those whom we have failed their expectations. This time we need everybody to work with us as we gather ideas and suggestions that you think might be of great help for the preparation.

As decided, we are planning to have a reunion to be held at Philippine Cebu Temple. We will try to carefully plan all of the activities and consider to limit the expenses as we don't want this to be the burden for all attendees with their family. Those who live within Cebu City, please let us know all the feed backs about the places where we can possibly gather and have fun without joepardizing everybody's health and safety but at a minimum cost.

Should there be any concerns, please let us know. We can try to make any adjustment if we think it will help you to make it for the reunion. Please consider that we have over a year to prepare. Let's stay positive and try to live within our means to set some aside for the reunion if we are willing to make this a successful one.

We would love everybody to come and enjoy with us.!!!!

God bless us all and give our warm regards and love to your family.... from all of us.

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